How to Use Mfused Vape Pen – A Step-by-Step Guide Updated in (2024)

Vaping has come a long way since its inception, and the Mfused vape pen is a prime example of the innovation in this industry. Here, we will provide an in-depth guide on how to use the Mfused vape pen, with tips, tricks, and answers to frequently asked questions.

How to Use Mfused Vape Pen

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Mfused Vape Pen

Step 1: Unboxing and Understanding Your Mfused Vape Pen

Upon unboxing, you will find the Mfused vape pen along with its accessories. Take time to familiarize yourself with its components.

Step 2: Prepping the Mfused Vape Pen

Before using your Mfused vape pen, make sure it’s fully charged. Use the included charger to power up your device.

Step 3: Loading the Cartridge

Attach the Mfused vape cartridge by screwing it into the top of the device. Make sure it’s snug, but avoid over-tightening.

How to Use Mfused Vape Pen

Step 4: Turning On the Vape Pen

Typically, the Mfused vape pen is activated by pressing the power button five times in quick succession. A light should flash to indicate it’s ready.

Step 5: Adjusting Temperature Settings

To ensure an optimal vaping experience, adjust the temperature settings according to the type of concentrate you’re using.

Step 6: Taking a Draw

Inhale gently through the mouthpiece. Take short draws until you’re familiar with the device’s power.

How to Use Mfused Vape Pen

Step 7: Cleaning and Maintenance

For longevity and optimal performance, regularly clean your Mfused vape pen. Unscrew the components and use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean it.

Mfused Vape Pen Instructions

What is the mfused vape pen?

The mfused vape pen is a type of vaporizer designed by the company mfused that allows users to vape cannabis oil cartridges. Mfused vape pens are intended for use with mfused brand cartridges only.

How to use the mfused vape pen

Using the mfused vape pen is simple. Follow these steps:

1. Charge the battery

The mfused vape pen has a built-in 280mAh battery. Make sure it is fully charged before use. Connect the micro USB charger that came with the pen to the battery and plug it into a USB port. The LED light will flash while charging. It will turn solid green when fully charged.

2. Attach the cartridge

The mfused vape pens are designed for use with mfused cartridges only. Do not try to use other brands. Gently twist the cartridge into the threaded end of the battery until it is securely attached. Do not overtighten.

3. Turn on the pen

There are no buttons on the mfused vape pen. Simply inhale from the mouthpiece to activate the battery and start vaping. The LED light will illuminate when in use.

4. Adjust airflow

There is an airflow control ring under the cartridge. Rotate it to adjust the airflow to your liking. More airflow produces bigger clouds, while less airflow provides more flavor.

5. Vape and enjoy!

Once assembled, simply inhale from the mouthpiece to vape the oil in the cartridge. Take slow, steady draws for best results. The pen will produce vapor until the battery runs out or the cartridge is empty.

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Tips for use

  • Let a new cartridge sit for 5-10 minutes before first use to saturate the wick. This prevents dry hits.
  • Fully charge the battery between uses for best performance.
  • Store the vape pen upright when not in use to prevent oil from leaking.
  • Do not overtighten the cartridge, only gently screw it into place.
  • Adjust the airflow control to find your perfect setting.
  • Take slow draws of 3-5 seconds for best vapor production.
  • Be sure to fully inhale the vapor into your lungs.

How to Use Mfused Vape Pen

What is the Mfused vape pen?

The Mfused vape pen is a compact, user-friendly vaporizer designed for vaping THC or CBD oil cartridges. Mfused makes vape pens that only work with their own proprietary cartridges.

How to assemble the vape pen

  1. Charge the battery – The Mfused pen has a built-in 280mAh rechargeable battery. Fully charge it before first use with the included micro USB cable.
  2. Attach the cartridge – Twist an Mfused brand cartridge onto the threaded battery end until snug. Don’t overtighten.
  3. Power on – The pen automatically activates when you inhale. No power button needed.

How to use and inhale

  • Start puffing – Inhale slowly from the mouthpiece, taking 3-4 second draws. This activates the battery and heats the oil.
  • Adjust airflow – There’s an airflow control ring under the cartridge. Turn to adjust vapor thickness.
  • Inhale fully – Take slow, steady draws and hold for 2-3 seconds before exhaling.
  • Vape gently – Take short 1-2 second puffs if you want lighter, more flavorful hits.
  • No buttons – Just breathe in to activate the automatic battery. It will shut off shortly after releasing the mouthpiece.
  • Vape vertically – Hold the pen upright when hitting it for best performance.

Usage Tips

  • Let the oil soak – Wait 5-10 minutes after attaching a new cartridge before vaping. This allows the wick to saturate.
  • Mind the voltage – Use lower 2.0-2.5V settings for flavor, higher 2.5-3.2V for clouds.
  • Adjust the airflow – Play with the control ring to find your ideal setting.
  • Keep it upright – Store the pen vertically when not in use to prevent leaking.
  • Easy on the threads – Don’t overtighten cartridges.
  • Charge fully – Fully charge the battery between sessions.
  • Draw slowly – Take long, steady 3-5 second puffs for best performance.

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Mfused Pen Settings

What settings can be adjusted?

The mfused vape pen has a very simple design, but there are still a few settings users can adjust:


  • Located underneath the cartridge is a rotating control ring for airflow.
  • Turning it clockwise reduces airflow, counterclockwise opens it up.
  • Adjust to find your perfect airflow for flavor vs vapor production.

Draw length/speed

  • The length and speed of your draws will affect vapor quantity and quality.
  • Long, slow draws of 3-5 seconds are best for big vapor clouds.
  • Short 1-2 second puffs provide more flavor.
  • Draw gently for lighter effects, take big rips for more intense highs.

Oil type

  • mfused offers both CBD and THC oil formulations.
  • THC oils will produce intoxicating effects.
  • CBD oils offer relaxing, non-psychoactive effects.
  • Choose your cartridge oil based on desired effects.


  • Voltage is preset and non-adjustable.
  • mfused vape pens have a 3.2-3.4V output.
  • Higher voltage produces more vapor, lower voltage offers better flavor.
  • The mfused pen voltage is optimized for both taste and cloud production.


  • Temperature is not adjustable on the mfused vape pens.
  • Cartridge atomizers heat to around 400°F during use.
  • Higher temps vaporize oil faster for bigger clouds. Lower temps improve flavor.
  • The preset temp gives a balance of dense vapor and good taste.

Other settings

  • There are no other variable settings on the mfused pens.
  • The battery and heating element are optimized for use with mfused carts.
  • Simply inhale to activate the automatic battery. No buttons or adjustments needed.
  • For more control options, pair a mfused cartridge with a compatible adjustable battery.

How to Charge Mfused Disposable

Mfused disposables cannot be charged

Mfused disposable vape pens are designed for single use and do not have a rechargeable battery. Once the battery runs out, the entire pen must be disposed of and cannot be recharged. Some key facts about mfused disposables:

  • Non-rechargeable battery – The battery in a disposable vape pen cannot be recharged once depleted.
  • All-in-one device – The battery, cartridge, and vapable oil come as a single integrated, non-refillable unit.
  • Limited lifespan – Disposable vape pens will last for around 300-400 puffs before the battery dies.
  • Cannot be refilled – The cartridge only holds a set amount of oil and cannot be refilled or reused.
  • Designed for short-term use – Disposables are made for portable, temporary vaping when you don’t need a permanent vape device.
  • Affordable convenience – The low cost and portability make disposables ideal for travel, concerts, parties, or try-before-you-buy sampling.

What to do when the battery runs out

When the battery life in your mfused disposable runs out, the only option is to properly dispose of it and replace it with a new one. Attempting to recharge a disposable is dangerous and will not work. When your disposable stops producing vapor, follow these steps:

  • Dispose of properly – Follow your local regulations for lithium-ion battery disposal. Never put in regular trash.
  • Buy a new one – Purchase another disposable pen or consider switching to a reusable vape pen/cartridge system.
  • Try a different style – Rotate between disposable vape pens, cartridges, and e-juice to keep things fresh.
  • Consider a starter kit – For more savings long-term, buy a starter kit with a reusable battery and charger.
  • Go rechargeable – If you want something that lasts, get a pen with a reusable lithium-ion battery that charges via USB.

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Mfused Battery Temperature Settings

Mfused vape pen batteries do not allow temperature adjustment

The mfused vape pen batteries have a fixed, preset temperature output that cannot be adjusted by the user. Here are some key facts about temperature on mfused batteries:

  • Fixed voltage – Mfused batteries output a steady voltage around 3.2-3.4V. Voltage affects atomizer temperature.
  • Preheat function – Pressing the power button activates a 15-second preheat cycle that briefly boosts temperature.
  • Automatic cutoff – Draws longer than 8 seconds will automatically cut power to prevent overheating.
  • Designed for mfused carts – The non-adjustable temperature profile is optimized specifically for use with mfused brand THC/CBD cartridges.
  • Warms to ~390°F – The mfused battery heats cartridge atomizers to around 390-400°F during typical 8-second puffs.
  • No manual control – There are no voltage or temp adjustment buttons. Output is controlled by the battery’s internal circuitry.
  • Prevents combustion – The fixed temp helps avoid burning the oil and provides a smooth vaping experience.
  • Optimized vapor production – The set temp allows the mfused cartridges to produce consistent, quality vapor on every draw.

Benefits of a set temperature

  • Consistent hits – A fixed temp means every draw will vaporize the same. No need to dial it in every use.
  • Beginner-friendly – With no settings to adjust, the pen is simple and easy to use for cannabis vaping newcomers.
  • Prevents burning oil – The temp is calibrated specifically to vaporize mfused oils efficiently without combusting.
  • Optimized performance – Mfused oils are formulated to vaporize fully at the battery’s preset temperature level.
  • Reliable effects – The same temperature output provides consistent effects with each use.

Mfused Battery Not Working

Troubleshooting tips for non-functioning mfused batteries

If your mfused vape pen battery stops producing vapor, here are some troubleshooting steps to try:

Check power and charging

  • Plug battery into USB charger – Is the LED indicator light coming on when charging? If not, the battery may have died permanently.
  • Check charge level – Try unplugging and inhaling. Does the LED turn on? Battery may need recharging if no light appears.
  • Try different charger – Test with another USB charging source in case the original charger is faulty.
  • Wiggle USB cable – Ensure cable has a snug connection to battery and wall/computer. Loose connectors can prevent charging.
  • Let battery fully charge – Leave on charger for a few hours to rule out insufficient charging as the issue.

Inspect battery and cartridge

  • Remove cartridge – Unscrew cart to be sure issue isn’t with the atomizer or clogged oil. Test battery function without cart attached.
  • Check cartridge contacts – Clean any oil residue or debris from the cart’s connection points so it can make a solid connection.
  • Verify cart authenticity – Counterfeit carts may not pair properly with mfused batteries. Ensure cart is legit mfused brand.
  • Clean battery threads – Wipe off any buildup on battery’s cart connector threads using a dry cotton swab or cloth.
  • Check all connections – Confirm cartridge, USB cable, and any adapters are securely attached to battery. Loose joins can prevent power flow.
  • Try different cartridge – Determine if problem lies with a specific cart or with the battery itself by testing with multiple carts.

Contact mfused support

  • If battery is unresponsive, contact mfused support online for troubleshooting help and warranty options. May need to replace battery.
  • Most mfused batteries carry at least a 6 month manufacturer warranty against defects. Save your receipt.

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Mfused Cartridge Not Working

Troubleshooting tips for non-functioning mfused cartridges

If your mfused brand vape cartridge stops producing vapor, here are some steps to diagnose the issue:

Check cartridge connections

  • Firmly screw cart onto battery – Ensure cart and battery are properly joined with threads aligned.
  • Remove and reattach cart – Unscrew the cart and reconnect it to complete the circuit.
  • Clean threads – Use a cotton swab to gently clear any oil buildup on cart and battery threads.
  • Check pins – Make sure the cart’s center pin and side contacts are clean and not bent.

Inspect the atomizer

  • Check for cracks – Cracks in the metal housing can break the heating element circuit.
  • Verify coil resistance – Use a multimeter to check the atomizer’s ohm reading. Out-of-range resistance indicates a bad coil.
  • Try a new cart – Narrow down the issue by testing the battery with different cartridges.

Diagnose wicking problems

  • Check oil level – A depleted cart may not wick properly. Refill carts designed for it.
  • Clear clogs – Stuck oil can stop wicking. Carefully unclog with a toothpick or needle.
  • Let oil saturate – After refilling, wait 10 minutes for wick to absorb before vaping.
  • Thin oil – Heating thick oil with hairdryer or lighter can improve wicking.

Other issues

  • Battery problem – Test cart on different battery. Battery issue if cart works on other power source.
  • Broken internal wire – Internal short can make cart nonfunctional. Not user serviceable.
  • Expired oil – Old, oxidized oil won’t vaporize properly.
  • Defective product – Contact mfused support online if issue persists across batteries and carts.

Mfused Charger

Overview of mfused vape pen chargers

Mfused manufactures lithium-ion batteries for their vape pens that require special USB chargers. Here is an overview of mfused chargers:

  • Designed for mfused – Mfused chargers are engineered specifically to charge mfused brand vape pen batteries.
  • Micro USB style – The chargers plug into a standard micro USB port on the pen battery.
  • Wall and auto options – Available as wall plug-in or car lighter port chargers.
  • Charging indicator light – LED light shows charging status. Red when charging, green when fully charged.
  • Rapid charge time – Fully charges a depleted 280 mAh mfused battery in under 45 minutes.
  • Automatic shutoff – Stops charging when battery is full to prevent overcharging.
  • Replacements available – New chargers can be purchased directly through mfused in case of damage.

Using the mfused charger

  1. Plug the USB end into the port on the vape pen battery.
  2. Insert the wall plug end into an electrical outlet, or the car plug into a 12V lighter port.
  3. The indicator light will show red when charging in progress, and change to green when fully charged.
  4. Fully charge battery before first use and whenever battery life runs low.
  5. Don’t overcharge – the mfused charger will automatically stop when battery is full.
  6. Avoid using cheap generic chargers, as improper voltages/amps can damage the battery.

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Lume Vape Pen Instructions

Overview of Lume vape pens

Lume manufactures a line of cannabis oil vape pens and pods designed for vaping THC and CBD extracts. Here are the key features of Lume vape pens:

  • Slim pen shape
  • 280mAh battery
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Compatible with Lume pods
  • Draw activated firing
  • Ceramic heating coil

How to use

  1. Charge battery: Fully charge the 280mAh battery before use with the included USB cable.
  2. Insert pod: Remove plastic cover from empty pod. Insert into pen battery firmly until it clicks.
  3. Power on: Battery activates and heats pod when you inhale. No power button needed.
  4. Adjust airflow: Rotate the pod to set desired airflow level for draw resistance.
  5. Vape: Inhale slowly from the mouthpiece for 3-5 seconds at a time. Battery will produce vapor automatically while inhaling.
  6. Monitor oil level: The pod will provide around 200 puffs before the oil runs out.
  7. Recharge: Recharge battery when vapor production weakens. A full charge takes 30-60 minutes.

Tips for best performance

  • Start with small puffs to gauge potency when trying a new pod.
  • Let pod sit for 5-10 minutes after inserting to allow wick saturation before first use.
  • Store pen upright when not in use to prevent oil leaks.
  • Fully tighten pods during use, but don’t overtighten or use excessive force.
  • Recharge battery after every use for longest battery lifespan.

Mfused CBD Disposable

What is the mfused CBD disposable vape pen?

The mfused CBD disposable vape pen is a pre-filled, all-in-one CBD oil vaping device designed for one-time use. Key features:

  • 300mg of CBD oil
  • Draw activated firing
  • 280mAh battery
  • Good for ~300 puffs
  • 1.3 ohm ceramic coil atomizer
  • Disposable and non-rechargeable

How to use

Using the mfused CBD disposable pen requires no preparation or assembly. Simply follow these steps:

  • Remove from packaging – Carefully remove protective plastic wrap.
  • Power on – Inhale from the mouthpiece to activate the battery and produce vapor.
  • Adjust draw speed – Inhale gently for lighter puffs or deeply for bigger clouds. Avoid 8+ second puffs.
  • Vape upright – Hold the pen vertically when puffing for optimal performance.
  • No charging

Ozone Vape Pen Charger

About Ozone vape pen chargers

Ozone makes lithium-ion batteries for their vape pens that require specific Ozone-branded USB chargers. Key facts about Ozone chargers:

  • Designed for Ozone batteries – Ozone chargers are engineered to safely charge Ozone vape pen batteries. Avoid using other charger brands.
  • 510 threading – The chargers screw into the 510 threaded charging port on Ozone batteries.
  • LED indicator – The charger lights up during use to display charging status.
  • Rapid recharge – Fully replenishes an depleted 300mAh Ozone battery in 30-60 minutes.
  • Automatic shutoff – Stops charging when battery capacity is full to prevent overcharging.
  • Car charger – Allows charging Ozone pens on the go from a vehicle’s 12V outlet.
  • Protect battery life – Using only Ozone’s optimized chargers ensures maximum battery lifespan.

How to use

  1. Screw the 510 threaded end of the charger into the port on the vape pen battery.
  2. Plug the USB end into a wall adapter or car outlet.
  3. Charging light will illuminate until fully charged, then turn off when complete.
  4. Don’t overcharge – the charger stops automatically when battery is full.
  5. Replace chargers through Ozone if lost or damaged. Avoid cheap generics.

Blinker Dab Pen

What is the Blinker dab pen?

The Blinker dab pen is a portable vaporizer designed for cannabis concentrates and extracts like wax, budder, crumble, etc. Features include:

  • Dual quartz rod atomizer
  • Adjustable voltage battery with preheat mode
  • Sized for on-the-go dabbing
  • Leak-proof ceramic housing
  • Borosilicate glass mouthpiece

How to use

  1. Load material – Scoop a rice grain sized dab onto the quartz coil rods.
  2. Replace cap – Screw the top mouthpiece back onto the atomizer chamber.
  3. Power on – Click the battery button 5 times to turn on and power the heating coil.
  4. Preheat – Press and hold the button for 2-3 seconds to enter preheat mode.
  5. Inhale – Keep holding the button and inhale slowly to vaporize the concentrates.
  6. Adjust voltage – Try higher voltages for thicker vapor using button presses.
  7. Q-tip clean – Swab the atomizer after each dab while the chamber is still warm.
  8. Power off – Click the button 5 times again when finished to turn off the battery.

Usage Tips

  • Apply dabs directly onto the coil rods for best vaporization.
  • Start with small dabs until you gauge potency.
  • Keep the chamber upright when vaping for best results.
  • Clean after each use to maintain optimal performance.
  • Replace atomizer when wax no longer vaporizes thoroughly.

Magnitude Vape Pen Instructions

Overview of Magnitude vape pens

Magnitude makes beginner-friendly cannabis oil vape pens. Here are the key components and features:

  • 280mAh battery
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Magnetic cartridge adapter
  • Draw-activated firing
  • LED battery indicators
  • Works with 510 threaded carts

How to use and operate

  1. Charge battery – Fully charge before first use with the included USB cable.
  2. Attach cartridge – Screw cart onto the magnetic adapter or place cart so it magnetically snaps in.
  3. Check light – Battery light indicates charge level. Green means fully charged.
  4. Inhale – Take a slow, 5 second draw from the mouthpiece to activate and produce vapor.
  5. Adjust draw speed – Inhale gently for milder hits or deeply for bigger vapor production.
  6. Detach cart – After use, gently unscrew the cartridge or pull it off the magnetic adapter.
  7. Recharge – Recharge battery when vapor weakens or battery light turns red.

Tips for best performance

  • Let carts sit for 5-10 minutes after attaching to allow the wick to saturate before vaping.
  • Tighten carts fully but avoid overtightening during use.
  • Store pen upright when not in use to keep oil from leaking.
  • Fully recharge battery after each use to maximize battery lifespan.

Is Mfused A Good Brand

Assessing mfused vape quality

When evaluating any vape brand, key factors to consider include:

Manufacturing standards

  • mfused pens are assembled in an ISO-certified facility according to proper manufacturing guidelines.

Hardware quality

  • mfused uses good quality batteries, atomizers, and materials for optimal performance and durability.

Ingredient quality

  • mfused cannabis oils utilize high-grade ingredients like premium distillate and quality terpenes.

Safety testing

  • mfused cartridges are tested for contaminants and purity at multiple production stages.


  • Lab tests show mfused oils consistently achieve advertised cannabinoid potency levels.

User experience

  • Most reviews indicate mfused hardware reliably produces great vapor quality and effects.


  • mfused prices are competitive for the quality compared to similar premium vape brands.


Based on production standards, hardware quality, oil purity, potency accuracy, and user satisfaction, mfused ranks as a good, reputable vape brand relative to top competitors in the market. They offer great performance at reasonable prices.

Mfused Battery Charger

About the mfused vape pen battery charger

The mfused battery charger is designed specifically for use with mfused brand vape pen batteries. Details include:

  • Compatibility – Engineered to safely charge mfused 280mAh vape pen batteries.
  • Micro USB – Charger has a micro USB connector that plugs into mfused batteries.
  • Charging light – LED indicates red during charging, green when battery is fully recharged.
  • Rapid recharge – Fully charges depleted mfused batteries in under 45 minutes.
  • Automatic shutoff – Stops charging when battery is full to avoid overcharging.
  • Wall and car – Available as wall outlet or car lighter chargers.
  • Replacements – Can purchase replacement chargers directly through mfused if needed.

How to use

  1. Attach to battery – Plug the micro USB end of charger into mfused battery.
  2. Plug in – Connect wall prongs to electrical outlet, or car adapter into vehicle outlet.
  3. Monitor light – Light shows red during charging, green at completion.
  4. Disconnect – Unplug fully charged battery from charger.
  5. Don’t overcharge – Charger will automatically stop when battery is full.
  6. Avoid cheap generics – Use mfused brand chargers for optimal performance and safety.


Knowing how to use your Mfused vape pen properly can greatly enhance your vaping experience. Remember to always vape responsibly and maintain your device for optimal performance.

People also ask

A fully charged Mfused vape pen typically lasts for several hours of moderate use.

  • Battery Size – Mfused pens use a 280mAh lithium-ion battery. Higher capacity means longer lifespan.
  • Number of Charges – The batteries are rated for 300-500 charge cycles before needing replacement.
  • Usage Habits – Taking smaller, shorter puffs will extend battery life compared to long hauls.
  • Charging Frequency – Fully recharging after each use helps preserve maximum battery capacity.
  • Shelf Life – Storing pens unused for many months can diminish battery performance over time.
  • Age of Battery – Older batteries that have gone through more recharge cycles will have reduced lifespans.
  • Counterfeits – Fake mfused batteries often die faster than the authentic versions.
  • Proper Storage – Storing pens upright and away from heat or cold extends battery longevity.
  • Hardware Variations – Different pen models may have slightly more or less battery life.

Most models have an LED indicator that turns green or switches off when fully charged.

  • Charging Light – The LED light on the mfused charger will turn from red to green when the battery is fully recharged.
  • Battery Light – Some mfused batteries have LED lights built into the button. Solid green indicates a full charge.
  • Vapor Production – A fully charged battery will produce thick, strong vapor. Weak, wispy vapor means the charge is low.
  • Number of Puffs – Counting your puffs is a way to estimate charge level. Around 300+ puffs means the battery needs recharging.
  • Hit Intensity – If the vapor starts tasting weak and the hits feel less intense, the battery charge is likely running low.
  • Charge Time – Most depleted mfused batteries only need 30-60 minutes plugged in to reach a complete recharge.
  • Performance Lag – Noticeable drop-offs in vapor quantity and heat are signs the battery needs recharging.
  • Voltage Output – A fully charged mfused battery gives a steady 3.2-3.4 volt output. Lower voltage indicates low charge.

Check if the cartridge is properly connected, the device is turned on, and the battery is charged. If the problem persists, contact customer service.

  • Charge Battery – Plug it in to charge, as an empty battery will cause no vapor.
  • Check Connections – Confirm the cartridge is fully screwed into the battery and making a clean connection.
  • Switch Cartridges – Try another cartridge to see if the issue is with the battery or cartridge.
  • Inspect Cartridge – Make sure oil levels aren’t depleted. Also check for broken wicks or heating coils.
  • Clean Connectors – Use a cotton swab to gently clean oil residue off the cart and battery connectors.
  • Preheat Pen – Press and hold the battery button, if equipped, to preheat the pen and oil before inhaling.
  • Adjust Airflow – Open up the airflow more to allow thicker vapor to be produced.
  • Take Slow Inhalations – Long, slow draws give the pen time to produce maximal vapor.
  • Avoid Overuse – Let the pen rest and battery cool down if you’ve been hitting it continuously.
  • Contact Support – If vapor issues persist, contact mfused support for troubleshooting or warranty help.
  • Consider Replacement – Very old, worn out batteries and cartridges may need to be replaced if faulty.

For best performance, it’s recommended to clean your vape pen every few uses or when you notice residue build-up.

  • Cartridge – Wipe down the cartridge with isopropyl alcohol swabs after 5-10 uses to prevent buildup. Be gentle around mouthpiece.
  • Battery – Wipe exterior with a dry cloth weekly to remove any residue. Can also use rubbing alcohol occasionally.
  • Contacts – Use cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol to scrub the cartridge threads and battery connector every few days.
  • Charging Port – Ensure any oil buildup is cleaned from the micro USB port to allow proper charging.
  • Airflow Tube – For clog prevention, run pipe cleaners or thin wire through the airflow tube monthly.
  • Soaking – For a deep clean, disassemble pens and soak components in warm isopropyl alcohol overnight, then rinse.
  • New Atomizer – Replace cartridge atomizers every 4-6 weeks or sooner if vapor production declines.

The Mfused vape pen is compatible with various concentrates, but for specifics, refer to the user manual or the official Mfused website.

Mfused vape pens are designed for use with mfused brand cannabis oil cartridges only. They do not support concentrates like waxes, shatters, or isolates.

Some key points:

  • Mfused cartridges – The pens are engineered specifically for mfused pre-filled carts or disposables. Do not use other cart brands.
  • Oils only – The mfused cartridges contain distilled cannabis oils. Thick concentrates like wax or crumble will not work properly.
  • No refilling – While some vape pens allow self-refilling, mfused carts are not intended to be reused or refilled by the consumer.
  • Different devices – Waxes and concentrates require a specialized wax pen or dab rig with a heated nail. Mfused pens are only for cannabis oils.
  • Potential damage – Attempting to use non-oil concentrates or refill carts risks leakage, clogging, battery damage and other issues.

For non-oil concentrates, you’ll need a different device designed specifically for those materials. Mfused vape pens should only be used as intended with mfused brand oil cartridges.

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