How to Unlock Power Lock on Smok Vape: Step-by-Step guide Updated in (2024)

Are you having a hard time figuring out How to Unlock Power Lock on Smok Vape. You’re not alone. Many users face this challenge, but with a few simple steps, you can easily regain control over your device.

This guide will explain the process, ensuring that you can enjoy the perfect vape experience.

Understanding Smok Vape

Smok is renowned for its innovative vaping devices and top-tier designs. They pride themselves on prioritizing the safety of their users, which is why they’ve introduced features like the power lock.

This feature prevents unintentional firing when the device is not in active use, a problem that’s common among various vape devices.

If you’re new to vaping and looking for more guidance on different aspects of your vape pen, learning how to unscrew a vape pen battery can also be incredibly useful.

How to Unlock Power Lock on Smok Vape

The Process to Unlock Power Lock on Smok Vape

Step 1: Press the Fire Button Five Times:

On your Smok vape, find the fire button. Usually situated on the front or side of the device, pressing it five times in quick succession will turn your device on or off. This method is the standard for most Smok vapes.

Step 2: Unlock the Power Lock:

After powering on, press the fire button three times rapidly. This action will deactivate the power lock. You’ll receive a notification on your vape’s screen once the power lock is disengaged.

Always ensure you refer to your specific model’s instruction manual for accurate guidance. The steps may vary slightly among different Smok models.

How to Unlock Power Lock on Smok Vape

Enhancing Your Vaping Experience

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power lock smok

Power lock is a safety feature on Smok vape devices that locks the fire button to prevent accidental firing when the device is not in use. It is enabled by quickly clicking the fire button 5 times. The device will flash to indicate power lock is active. To unlock, quickly click the fire button 5 times again. This temporarily disables the lock until it is activated again.

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how to unlock vape

To unlock or disable the power lock on a vape device like a Smok mod:

  • Quickly click the fire button 5 times in a row. This is often the button used to vape and turn on the device.
  • The device will flash a few times, indicating the power lock has been deactivated.
  • The fire button should now function normally and the device can be vaped as usual.
  • To re-lock the fire button, quickly click it 5 times again. The flashing light indicates power lock is active again.

The power lock feature on Smok vapes is designed to prevent the device from accidentally firing in your pocket or bag. To unlock the power lock, start by making sure your Smok vape is turned off. Then, locate the fire or power button on your specific Smok device.

Press and hold the fire/power button for 8-10 seconds until you see the Smok logo flash on the screen – this indicates the power lock has been disabled. Now you can press the fire button normally to vape as desired. Some Smok mods may also have a dedicated “Unlock” option in the menu that you can select to disable the power lock.

If your vape continues saying “Power Lock” even after holding the fire button, make sure you are holding it long enough. Overall, the process is quick and simple – just remember to hold that power button for several seconds until the logo flashes to unlock your Smok vape and resume usage. Let me know if you need any other tips on using your Smok device!

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Mastering the simple process of unlocking the power lock on your Smok vape ensures your device is always primed for your vaping sessions. To delve deeper into the functionalities of your Smok device, it’s advisable to visit the official Smok website for more detailed information and updates.

People also ask

What is the power lock on a Smok vape?

The power lock on a Smok vape is a safety feature designed to prevent accidental firing when the device is not in use.

The power lock essentially locks the firing button or trigger so that pressing it does nothing. This prevents the coil from heating and producing vapor if the button is pressed while the vape is in a pocket or bag.
Many Smok mods have a dedicated power lock button separate from the fire button. Pressing this will toggle the lock on or off.
If there is no dedicated lock button, the fire button itself is used to lock/unlock the device. To unlock it, press and hold the fire button for 5-8 seconds – the Smok logo will flash to indicate the power lock is now disabled.
Locking the power is recommended when traveling or storing your Smok device. It prevents wasted battery/e-liquid and potential fires or injuries.
Unlocking the power lock allows normal use of the firing button. Once unlocked, you can press the fire button as usual to vape.
Power lock may activate accidentally if the fire button is held down too long when vaping. Simply unlock it again with the steps above.
If your Smok device still says “Power Lock” even after holding the button to unlock, you may need to hold it a bit longer.1

How do I unlock the power lock on my Smok vape?

Press the fire button three times in quick succession. This should unlock the power lock.
Make sure your Smok device is powered off.
Locate the fire/power button on your specific Smok device. This is usually a large button on the side or top.
Press and hold the fire/power button for 5-8 seconds.
While holding, you should see the Smok logo flash on the screen after several seconds. This means the power lock is now disabled.
Release the fire button when you see the logo flash. The power lock should now be unlocked.
Press the fire button normally to vape as usual. It should now work.
If it still says “Power Lock”, repeat the process while holding the button a bit longer.
Some Smok mods also have a dedicated “Unlock” option in the settings menu – try navigating to this.
Make sure you are using the correct button on your specific device – some use a side fire key, others use a top mounted one.
If nothing works, contact Smok support for further help troubleshooting your device.
The key is pressing and holding that fire button for 5-8 seconds until the Smok logo flashes. This should disable the power lock safety feature so you can vape as normal. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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My Smok vape is not unlocking. What do I do?

Ensure your device is fully charged. If it’s still not unlocking, consult your user manual or contact Smok’s customer service.

Make sure you are pressing and holding the correct fire/power button on your specific device. Some Smok mods have the button on the side, others on the top.
Try holding the fire button for longer – 10-15 seconds instead of just 5-8 seconds. Sometimes it requires an extended hold.
Check that your vape battery is adequately charged. The power lock can behave strangely if the battery is very low. Recharge and try again.
Ensure your Smok device has the latest firmware. Older firmware can cause issues with the power lock. Connect to Smok’s app and update if needed.
Make sure you are not pressing the fire button while simultaneously pressing other buttons. Hold just the fire key.
Attempt to power cycle the vape completely – turn it off, take out the batteries for 60 seconds, then reinsert and try unlocking again.
For touchscreen Smok mods, try tapping the power lock icon on screen repeatedly to toggle the lock off.
Look for a dedicated “Unlock” option in the settings menu of your Smok device. See if you can disable the lock this way.
As a last resort, a factory reset may clear any glitches, but will wipe settings – only try this if nothing else works.
Contact Smok customer support online for troubleshooting help if still stuck. Sometimes a firmware reinstall is needed.

Is it safe to unlock the power lock on my Smok vape?

Yes, it’s safe to unlock the power lock on your Smok vape. However, it’s important to lock it again when the device is not in use to prevent accidental firing.

Yes, it is completely safe to unlock the power lock on your Smok vape as long as you follow the proper procedures. The power lock is simply a feature to prevent accidental firing – disabling it will not harm your device when done correctly. Here are some tips on safely unlocking your Smok vape:
Only unlock the power lock when you intend to actively use your vape. Re-enable it during storage or transportation. Leaving it disabled all the time reduces its safety value.
Make sure your hands are dry when pressing the fire button to unlock. This prevents any risks from liquid contacting the battery.
Do not attempt to unlock the power lock by pressing multiple buttons at once or holding improperly. Only use the designated fire/power button.
Unlock the power lock BEFORE attaching your atomizer/tank. Do not press the fire button while a tank is attached.
Never unlock the power lock if your batteries are damaged or wrapping is torn. Inspect batteries first.
While unlocked, avoid pressing the fire button for more than 10 seconds continuously. This can overheat your device.
Do not attempt to unlock if your device has gotten wet or you suspect internal damage. Contact Smok support.
If your vape begins acting abnormal or doesn’t unlock after multiple careful attempts, discontinue use and contact Smok.

Can I vape while the power lock is engaged on my Smok device?

No, the power lock feature must be disengaged to use your Smok device.

No, you cannot vape or use your Smok device normally while the power lock is engaged. The whole purpose of the power lock feature is to disable the firing button to prevent accidental activation.
When the power lock is on, it will essentially ignore any presses of the fire/power button. The coil will not heat up and no vapor will be produced if you try to take a draw.
You will typically see a “Lock” icon on the screen or a message like “Power Lock” if you try using the fire button when locked.
The only function that still works with power lock active is usually adjusting the settings or changing the wattage. This allows you to get the device prepped before unlocking.
But to actually start vaping and producing vapor, the power lock needs to be disabled.
The steps to unlock are usually:
Press and hold the fire button for 5-8 seconds until the logo flashes
Tap “Unlock” if it’s an on-screen option
Toggle the physical lock switch on devices that have one
Once successfully unlocked, the fire button will function normally and you can start vaping as you regularly would.

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Is there a risk if I forget to engage the power lock on my Smok vape?

If the power lock is not engaged, your device could accidentally fire in your pocket or bag, which may damage the device or potentially cause harm. Always remember to engage the power lock when you’re not using the device.

Yes, there are some risks if you forget to engage the power lock on your Smok vape when not in use:
Accidental firing – If the fire button is pressed accidentally in your pocket, bag, etc, it could heat up the coil and waste e-liquid.
Battery drain – Accidental auto-firing can also continuously drain your batteries if unnoticed, leaving you without charge when you need it.
Overheating – Long accidental firing can potentially overheat your coils or batteries and cause issues.
Fires – In very rare cases, auto-firing in contact with flammable material could pose a fire risk.
E-liquid leaks – Heat and pressure from accidental firing can cause tanks/pods to get too hot and leak e-liquid.
Battery damage – High current flow from auto-firing may reduce battery life over time.
Child safety – An unlocked device could be activated by a child, posing risks.
So while occasional slip-ups probably won’t cause big issues, it’s best practice to remember to enable the power lock when your Smok vape is not in use for extended periods. This will mitigate accident risks and preserve your device’s lifespan.
Get in the habit of power locking your Smok mod whenever stowing it away in storage or transport. Also consider locking it before pocketing briefly. Just be sure you know how to properly unlock it again when you’re ready to vape!

Where can I get more information about using my Smok vape?

For more information about your Smok device, refer to your user manual or visit the official Smok website.

Smok’s Official Website – provides instruction manuals for all devices, firmware updates, and troubleshooting info.
Smok User Forums – Connect with other Smok users to ask questions and get advice at forums like Reddit’s r/Smok_tech and E-CigaretteForum’s Smok section.
Smok YouTube Channel – Smok has a YouTube

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