How to Fix Atomizer Short on Geek Vape: Everything You Need to Know Updated in (2024)

Vaping has surged in popularity over the past decade, with vapers enjoying the wide array of flavored e-liquids and advanced devices available. However, technical issues can arise with any vape device, with “atomizer short” errors being one of the most common.

This comprehensive guide will provide proven troubleshooting tips and solutions to fix atomizer shorts on devices from leading brands like GeekVape, Smok, Voopoo and more.

What Causes an Atomizer Short?

An atomizer short typically occurs when there is an unexpected electrical connection between the atomizer coil and the base of the vape tank.[1] There are several potential causes of atomizer shorts:

  • Damaged or worn out coil – Normal use can degrade coils over time, eventually leading to burned out spots or breaks in the wrapping which allow a short circuit. This is the most common cause.
  • Issues with coil installation – If the coil is not properly seated in the tank base, is screwed in too loose or too tight, it can create an unstable connection and short circuit.
  • Foreign object/debris – Small bits of metal, wire or other conductive material that find their way into the tank can touch the base and coil, creating a short path. E-liquid residue buildup can also trap debris.
  • Tank base defects – In rare cases, manufacturing defects in the threading or contacts on the base can precipitate a short.
How to Fix Atomizer Short on Geek Vape

Steps to Fix Atomizer Short on Geek Vape

Step1: Check the Coil

Inspect the coil for any visible damage or burns. If it looks charred or misshapen, consider replacing it with a new one.

How to Fix Atomizer Short on Geek Vape

Step 2: Clean the Tank

Dismantle the tank and rinse it under warm water. Ensure you remove any debris or e-juice residues. Allow it to air dry or use a soft cloth.

How to Fix Atomizer Short on Geek Vape

Step 3: Re-seat the Coil

Sometimes, the coil might be misaligned. Ensure that it’s seated properly and screwed in place securely.

Step 4: Inspect the Base

Examine the base of the atomizer for any foreign objects or residues. A thorough cleaning might be necessary if there’s any accumulation.

How to Fix Atomizer Short on Geek Vape

Step 5: Update the Firmware

Visit the official Geek Vape website and check if there are any firmware updates for your device. Updated firmware can sometimes resolve known issues.

How to Fix Atomizer Short on Geek Vape

Step 6: Test with Another Tank

If you have another tank available, connect it to your Geek Vape device. This will help determine if the issue lies with the atomizer or the mod.

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Troubleshooting Atomizer Shorts on Other Vape Brands

The techniques above can be applied to troubleshoot atomizer shorts on most major vaping devices with some brand-specific tips:

Smok – As with GeekVape, focus on coil replacement, debris removal and proper coil installation. Be sure to detach the tank fully and reseat it to reset contacts. Update firmware if possible.

Voopoo – Voopoo’s PNP coils are press-fit so check for proper snap-in fitment. Clean the gold contact pins well as Voopoo tanks suffer more conductive debris issues according to users.[4]

Vaporesso – For mods like the Luxe or Gen, rub the coil contacts with alcohol to remove e-juice buildup. The press-fit coils can also work loose and cause shorts.

Freemax – Freemax Fireluke coils are one of the most reliable, but occasional duds happen. Weight the top of the tank while screwing on the base to ensure a tight seal.

Wismec – Check under the base contact disc for tiny wire clippings which can create shorts. Their press-fit coils can also loosen over time.

Best Practices to Avoid Atomizer Shorts

While shorts can’t always be prevented, following some basic best practices will reduce the frequency:

  • Replace coils every 1-2 weeks with average use to prevent burning out
  • Clean all tank components weekly to prevent buildup of gunk
  • Ensure coils are fully seated and securely threaded when installing
  • Close airflow before filling tank to prevent e-liquid spills into base
  • Avoid over-tightening coils which can crush the casing
  • Visually inspect coils frequently for dark spots indicating degradation
  • Update firmware whenever available for your device


Atomizer shorts can be an annoying occurrence for vapers, but identifying the underlying cause and applying targeted troubleshooting allows the issue to be quickly resolved in most cases. With a worn out coil being the primary culprit, keeping spare replacement coils on hand and swapping them out at the first sign of degradation is advisable.

Regular cleaning and maintenance combined with proper coil installation goes a long way towards preventing shorts. However, even following best practices, shorts can still periodically occur due to manufacturing defects or unforeseen debris issues. By methodically trying the recommended steps and process of elimination tactics outlined above, vapers can get their device back up and running optimally.

While shorts on certain brands like Smok and Voopoo require some nuanced troubleshooting, the same core principles apply across most devices. Don’t hesitate to leverage vaping forums and brand resources for additional troubleshooting advice. With some persistence, atomizer short errors can be conquered!

People also ask

  • For best performance, coils should be replaced every 1-2 weeks with average use. Heavy vapers may need to replace coils more frequently.
  • Watch for declining vapor production and flavor. If the vapor seems wispy or the flavor is muted, the coil likely needs replacing.
  • Inspect coils regularly. If any dark spots, burning/scorching or deformities are visible, replacement is needed.
  • When increasing power/wattage settings, consider replacing the coil to ensure it can handle the increased heat.
  • If experiencing dry/burnt hits, don’t continue vaping. Replace the coil. Prolonged dry hits will ruin the coil.
  • After cleaning the tank, it’s advisable to replace the coil since cleaning fluids can degrade coils over time.
  • If unsure, replace the coil. Coils are inexpensive and it avoids potential issues from continuing to use a worn out coil.

An atomizer short can potentially cause damage to a Geek Vape device if the issue is not addressed promptly and properly. Here are some key points:

  • Continued use with an atomizer short creates stress on the device’s electrical components as it tries to fire the coil despite the malfunction.
  • Prolonged shorts may lead to the mod’s chipset overheating and eventually failing if the condition is not corrected.
  • In extreme cases, some users have reported burnt circuit boards, fried screens and batteries being damaged by excessive low-resistance firing.
  • Physically, the constant sparking and overheating at the coil connection point during a short can lead to melted plastics and glues around the tank base.
  • Atomizer shorts resulting from no coil installed or a completely burnt coil are especially taxing and dangerous for the mod.

To avoid damage, it’s critical to troubleshoot and resolve any atomizer short alerts right away rather than continuing to use the device. Replacing the coil, cleaning connections and ensuring proper installation will get rid of most shorts safely.

While occasional minor shorts won’t immediately destroy a mod, persistent shorts left unchecked for long periods while vaping can accumulate damage and eventually lead to complete device failure. Address shorts promptly and consult Geek Vape support if the issue becomes unresolvable.

No. The error is an indication of a problem. Vaping when this error is displayed can be hazardous.

Always buy from authorized dealers or directly from the official Geek Vape website.

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